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About Bennett Baby's

Hi everyone Welcome to Bennett Baby’s.


 Let me introduce myself and my family. My name is Emma  and i sculpt, mould, pour and paint all of the dolls here at Bennett baby's.


I have a beautiful teenage mini me who is my little Bennet Baby's side kick. They help with baby design ideas, photography and videoing our baby’s. they do paint occasionally as well and of course are our biggest fan. 

my mum Becky is our super talented seamstress who custom makes all of our patterns and custom makes all of our amazing cuddle body's and a lot of the clothing that goes out with our baby's with the box openings.

We have our own sculpts available. We have some sculpted using a computer program and others sculpted by me in clay. These baby’s can either be purchased as a blank or they can be custom painted. I can also paint any sculpt you send in and I often share other talented sculpting artists kits as well as an option for custom painting by me. There are just so many amazing kits out there .

Sculpting a baby by hand is exiting and extremely rewarding and can take months to complete. Each baby is lovingly sculpted by hand with clay by me and then moulded and cast in silicone. These Baby’s are born out of love and art. I use images of baby's to help inspire me but often a little face will just happen and naturally take on little features if it’s own as I pick up the clay. 


The computer sculpting process is supper exiting as well the design and 3D printing itself takes around 6 to 8 months. And from there we can mold and create our finished silicone beautys. 

You can message us any time to discuss an order or you can check out our Social media platforms to keep up with all the latest news and available Baby’s.

I currently have several human Baby’s and fantasy Baby’s available as customs and blank kits. I also have ready to go Baby’s available occasionally. 

My mum Becky makes all the baby clothes and baby nests. 

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